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Wix Design Platform

Soli Media develops on the Wix design platform.  Whether you’re promoting your business, showcasing your work, opening your store or starting a blog—we can develop a site the will promote and help manage your business.  Customer Relationship Management, Custom Forms, Email Marketing, Chat, Mobile Apps, and more are all built-in to your Wix Dashboard.


Website Design

No matter what your business or venture, a website presence helps promote your business.  Especially a website that is optimized for mobile and tablets.  We'll work with you to design the perfect website that fits your needs including logo design and tons of cool integrations like, YouTube, Custom Forms, Facebook, Instagram, Google Workspace, CRM and much more. Everything can now be managed from your Wix Dashboard. 


Logo Design

We'll work with you to develop a unique logo for your business.  Main logos and avatars that formate to all your website and social media needs including merchandising. 


"Image is Everything!"

Google-G Logo.png

Google Business and Workspace

We'll setup your Google Business Account and connect it to your domain.  You'll have all your Google Apps and we'll setup shared drive access for website documents, photos, and more.  Add ons include Google Maps, Google Adwords, and SEO optimization for your website and business.


Find and secure your domain name.

Domain management used to be an administrator's nightmare.  Now everything can be managed in one place within your website administration console.  We'll help you find the perfect domain for your business, set up your Website and sync your Google Apps across all of your devices.


Square Point of Sale and Appointments

Need a point of sale or appointment booking software?  Square is quickly becoming the software app of choice for retail point of sale and appointment booking software.  They've also just introduced their new point of sale for restaurants as well.  All this can we seamlessly integrated with your Website, Quickbooks Online, and Google Workspace.


Quickbooks Online Integration

With Quickbooks Online, your bookeeping and accounting has never been easier.  Connect to your customers, vendors, banks and much more.  Quickbooks Online offers many options such as Payroll, Online Bill Pay, and more.  We'll get it all setup for you and have one of our CPA's overlook everything to make sure everything is in line with your business.


Social Media Integration and Marketing

Just having a website is not enough these days.  We'll make sure your social media is up to date and integrated with your website and synced across all of your Google Workspace Devices.  We'll make it easy to communicate with your customers and generate more of a presence on any social media channel you may choose.  Facebook, Instragram and more can all be integrated with your website and mobile devices.

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